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    1. Introduce yourself to new students or students that you do not know and make them feel welcome.
    2. You must be respectful to everyone at all times in the academy.
    3. Leave your ego or bad attitude at the door because it will not be permitted at this academy.
    4. Absolutely NO illegal techniques or temper issues will be tolerated. If you are found hurting another student intentionally while using and illegal technique, you will be warned. If this continues you will be asked to leave the academy indefinitely.
    5. Tapping out is OK and is part of the learning process. It happens to EVERYONE in training and it is how you will improve. This is where we should be trying different techniques and situations to better our skill.
    6. Profanity or inappropriate comments of any kind are strictly prohibited inside the academy.
    7. Upon entering or exiting the training area, be sure to bow to the center.
    8. All students will line up facing the instructor in the order of belt rank prior to each class and at the end of each class.
    9. While class is in session, each student will remain quite and still while the instructor is talking or demonstrating techniques.
    10. Absolutely NO coaching your kids or other students, while either on or off the mat.
    11. If you are late to class, you must wait for the instructor to give you permission to enter the mat area.
    12. If you need to leave class prior to its finish, you must first ask permission from the instructor.
    13. Bow to your partner before and after practice.
    14. All talking should be kept to a minimum level and should relate to the class subject.
    15. Your belt represents your progress so keep it on.
    16. Shoes and food will NOT allowed on the mat at anytime (This includes wrestling shoes).
    17. Keep your finger and toe nails short for everyone’s safety.
    18. Make sure that you, as well as your training equipment, clothing and uniform are clean prior to training. Students who come to class with poor hygiene show disrespect to others and will be required to exit the academy.
    19. All jewelry, piercings, necklaces or other such items will be removed prior to training.
    20. All students are required to report any injury, health or skin condition to their instructor prior to class. If you have anything that is contagious, you should not be training!
    21. Try to be on time. Traffic issues and everyday matters are understood but punctuality is a must.
    22. Absolutely no alcohol or illegal narcotics are allowed on the premises. Any student who is suspected to be under the influence of a drug or alcohol while at the academy will not be allowed to train and possibly terminated from being a member at Team 3 Checkmat.

Train Hard, Train Smart, Train Safe!!!


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